BirthStory Listening Sessions

Do you feel the need to work through your birth story?

Giving birth (and attending births as a father, partner, or birth professional) is one of the most raw and transformational experiences in a person’s life.  Often during birth we are cracked to our core; vulnerable and exposed.  And sometimes the birth experience isn’t what we expected or hoped it would be. It is not uncommon for mothers or those present at a birth to be left with a sense of disappointment, regret, shame or even trauma – this can hang on for years!   

If you are reading this, and it’s hitting home – please know that you are not alone, and that a BirthStory Listening session can help!

These One-on-One birth story sessions are designed to help create a shift in the way a birth experience is integrated and manifesting in your life – and they work! >> Please read about my BirthStory Listening sessions in this article in Artfull Mother Magazine.

birth story trauma sessions
birth story trauma sessions

You don’t need to carry the heavy and painful storyline of your birth – let me guide you to a new, more-true, belief about the experience.

Erika was a kind and constructive listener

“I typically don’t say anything negative about my birth story, as compared to many I have heard I had it pretty easy. There was this one moment that I couldn’t shake, where I felt a remaining burden of disappointment and fear. With an impending second baby coming, I took the opportunity to talk with Erika about my experience. Erika was a kind and constructive listener that really helped me see the ‘sticking point’ of my experience in a new light, and I am very grateful for her expertise. I’d absolutely recommend her to anyone looking to heal from their birth experience – even a relatively smooth one like mine!”


Her powerful storytelling ability, compassion, and wisdom helped me begin to untangle my complex feelings

“The birth of my son brought so much light and beauty to my world, but a year later, I hadn’t been able fully process my powerful emotions about his birth, which had been a confusing and unsettling experience. My session with Erika represented a major turning point. She helped me understand what it meant to own my experience, rather than burying it further. She guided me in holding it up and examining it from new angles.  Her powerful storytelling ability, compassion, and wisdom helped me begin to untangle my complex feelings and set me on a path of emotional healing and growth. Thank you, Erika – I am stronger for this, and the roots of my love for my son have grown deeper, strengthening our bond as well.”


Gentle and compassionate guidance

“Erika’s gentle and compassionate guidance helped to wonderfully replenish the neglected parts of myself that welcomed such nourishing attention.”

What can you start believing about your birthstory that is more true than what you have been telling yourself?
BirthStory Listening sessions are held at the Dive into Birth Studio in NE Boulder.
Sessions last approximately 1 hour. The cost is $70, and I do also offer a "pay what you can" option.

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